Become a Brake Hose Manufacturer - information

What is it?

It's a machine that can make any brake hose for any car or bike... in minutes, and all to Australian Design Rules (ADR).

How does it work?

Watch our online video entitled "An opportunity you can’t afford to miss" to see how it works

What does it mean for my business?

  • A NEW INCOME STREAM, from a little extra work. When businesses know that you can make them a brake hose in minutes for a car they have on the hoist, they will be more inclined to use you time and time again for all of their brake hose requirements.
  • BRAKEQUIPS ONE OF A KIND CATALOGUING SYSTEM. Stop wasting your time and money by sending a driver to pick up sample hoses. Samples aren't always available, so BrakeQuip has developed its own exclusive catalogue which gives you all the information you need to know about building your customers hoses. From length & what fittings to use, to any angles or brackets needed.
  • WE DO YOUR ADVERTISING. Advertising is costly. BrakeQuip advertises regularly in trade & retail magazines to entice your potential customers to our website where they can find their local authorised BrakeQuip Brake Hose Manufacturer.
  • AUSTRALIAS LARGEST RANGE. As Australia’s leader in aftermarket brake hose manufacturing, we are constantly researching and developing new hose ends to add to our unmatchable extensive range. Stocking assembled brake hoses for every make and model on Australian roads is not only impossible, but it ties up money and space. Having the BrakeQuip Brake Hose Manufacturing System means only carrying a relatively small volume of fittings and hose, whilst still being able to service all of your customer's needs.


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