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Brake Hose Machine, BrakeQuip AustraliaBrakequip's revolutionary Brake Hose Manufacturing System can manufacture and test any hydraulic brake or clutch hose for any type of vehicle, and all to international standards - usually while your customer waits!

Making your own Brake Hoses (brake lines / braided lines) takes the hassle out of waiting for hoses to be delivered and gives you the opportunity to take control of your business.

Manufacturer Login

Authorised BrakeQuip manufacturers have access to BrakeQuip's world first in Brake Hose cataloging.

By giving BrakeQuip Brake Hose Manufacturers all of your make & model information, they can log in to check exactly how to build your hose without even needing a sample from you. Just another reason buying from an authorised BrakeQuip Brake Hose manufacturer saves you & your customers time and hassle.

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